This is not your ordinary art crawl. New York magazine and the Italian eyewear brand Persol, in celebration of hand made craftsmanship, invite you to view the season’s most notable exhibitions in Culver City. This is a one-day-only opportunity to meet the artists, learn about their process and roll up your sleeves for hands-on experiences in the creation of art. Gather your friends on June 21 and participate in this special experience with artists and curators.




11AM-1PM & 1-3PM

2640 S La Cienega Blvd.
Gallery Hours: 11AM–6PM


Sharon Lee
"Painting Workshop"
11AM-1PM:Sharon Lee is a Los Angeles based artist creating mixed media paintings, art objects, and wallpaper. As studies for her larger works, she often creates maquettes in the form of 4” square panels to test her hand-carved blocks and gold leaf process. Over time, these studies have taken on a life of their own as the artist started stringing them on twine as gifts for friends. For the workshop, we will be creating these small hanging paintings that will illustrate the importance of doing quick sketches and studies to inform larger ideas. The panels will be decorated with aquarelle watercolor, stamps, markers, and metallic pens, exploring pattern, color, and composition on a diminutive scale. These paintings will become a decorative item to take home or give as a gift, illustrating the fine line between art and object!

Melanie Nakaue, "Big Charlie" (excerpt) - Animated HD Video, 2010. Running Time: 2:07 min.

Melanie Nakaue
"Animation Workshop"
1-3PM:Family Workshop For children age 5 and up. Please sign up by emailing Marika Kielland: Capacity is limited and will be on a first come, first served basis.

In this workshop, participants will learn the basic principles of stop-motion animation and character design and will also have the opportunity to fabricate a character for use in an animation.The artist will animate all characters created at the workshop and the finished animation will be screened on the LA><Art website.

Los Angeles based artist Melanie Nakaue focuses on the re-examination of personal histories and narratives utilizing experimental animation, sculpture and installation. Melanie received her MFA from CalArts and BA from Scripps College. Recent and upcoming screenings and exhibitions of her work include: The Nichols Gallery (Pitzer College), The Luckman Gallery, LAND, The Harris Art Gallery and Monte Vista Projects.


Wyatt Kahn
May 17-June 28, 2014

Wyatt Kahn’s practice draws on an interplay of drawing, painting and sculpture. He is well-known for his abstract paintings of cut and reassembled canvases, fit together to create new forms that evoke architecture and loose figuaration. His lesser seen, yet parallel printmaking practice pushes his handmade compositional method into unique woodblock, monoprints, drawings and collages.

Jennifer Guidi
"Field Paintings"
May 17-June 28, 2014

For LA><ART Jennifer Guidi will present a new series of large-scale abstract oil paintings inspired by the rich patterning of traditional Moroccan rugs. Upon returning from a trip to Morocco, she brought with her a collection of these rugs and began to photograph their intricate woven surfaces and the rarely displayed, muted stitching on their reverse. Painting from these photographs led her to focus in on the delicate stitching that formed the structure of each pattern. Over time, the stitchesbecame central allowing her to move away from the source materialentirely. This investigation of the marks led to this series, entitled Field Paintings, which feature rows of small marks on a built up surface.

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects



6006 Washington Blvd
Gallery Hours: 11AM–6PM

11AM–2PM: Artists Raffi Kalenderian and Nick Aguayo will meet with guests in the gallery to discuss their work.

Raffi Kalenderian
Nick Aguayo
May 31–July 6

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition of paintings by Nick Aguayo in gallery 3 and 4 and our second solo exhibition of paintings by Los Angeles artist Raffi Kalenderian.

Raffi Kalenderian,"Dasha "Plants"", 2014. Oil on canvas. 62.25 x 72 inches.Courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Project; Photo: Robert Wedemeyer
Raffi Kalenderian’s new body of work exhibits a new refinement and maturity, not in the familiar content, but on the surfaces of the paintings themselves. The canvases are thick with impasto, stain, and glaze. The process of applying the paint is slow and diligent, charging the paintings with emotional information and creating a palpable atmosphere around his often languid and melancholic figures.

"Untitled", 2013. Acrylic and marble dust on canvas. 96 x 96 inches. Courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects; Photo: Robert Wedemeyer
Nick Aguayo’s new works are an attempt to dissect the compositions he develops, like an anatomy lab for painting. Aguayo achieves a particularly tactile, matte surface by mixing marble dust into the paint, thus enhancing the handmade aspect of his compositions. His compellingly layered abstract works reveal an inventive approach to the materiality and physicality of paint.

Anat Ebgi


12-12:30PM & 12:30-1PM

2660 La Cienega Boulevard
Gallery Hours 11AM–6PM

12-12:30PM and 12:30-1PM: Anat Ebgi gallery will be hosting a tour of the exhibition Duckrabbit, organized by Jason Bailer Losh. Rick Hager, an artist from the exhibition will lead a discussion of the show. Visitors will have the opportunity to see bronze casts and learn more about the process of metal casting. The tour and discussion will last about 30 minutes.

Martin Basher, "Untitled", 2014. Oil on burlap. 40 x 28 inches.

DuckRabbit, Organized by Jason Bailer Losh
Featuring Matt Ager, Martin Basher, Armin Boehm, Anthony Caro, Aline Cautis, Andy Coolquitt, Rick Hager, Whitney Hubbs, Nick Kramer, Jason Bailer Losh, Pernille with Madsen, Emily Sudd, Sigrid Sandstrom, Melanie Schiff and B. Wurtz.

Anat Ebgi is pleased to announce Duckrabbit, an exhibition organized by Jason Bailer Losh, opening June 13 and on view until July 26, 2014. Whenever someone other than the artist sees an artwork, a duckrabbit is born. A lobed inkblot, seen one way, resembles a duck; seen another, a rabbit. The eye is an eye, but the ears are also a beak. The artist draws a duck; the viewer sees a rabbit. The present show is the public debut of rare and energetic creatures, born in the solitude of the studio, anxious to be seen. The present show is the consummation of a long flirtation between intent and reception. Duckrabbits fill the damp warren of the gallery. As the viewer wades in, ankle deep in duckrabbits, interpretations proliferate. Wherever you look, behind every rustle in the weeds, out darts another aesthetic dilemma: duck or rabbit; rabbit or duck. Sculptures read as inverted furniture; photographs confuse the optical and the physical; paintings extrude the picture plane into vertical still lifes. Plinths, striations, expressive lines, painterly marks, texture, polish, highlights and shadows abound. The borders between sculpture and installation, sight and touch, art and object approach a feathery, furry precision. These duckrabbit scenes, meant to be read one way, read another, pivot around a core, around an eye common to both duck and rabbit: the quality of being art.

Cherry and Martin



2732 S La Cienega
Gallery Hours: 10AM–6PM


12-3PM: Artist Katy Cowan will teach guests about slip-cast ceramic mold-making.
To facilitate a hands-on activity and opportunity for conversation surrounding Katy Cowan’s practice, and give visitors a chance to approach the exhibition in a radically different way, Katy will educate and expose visitors to one of the processes in her work: slip-cast ceramic mold-making. Attendees will be given the chance to learn how to slip-cast and, in turn, realize the ways in which these skills and decisions influence her finished work.

Activities will include: Ceramic-slip mold casting demo, conversation about how the mold-making process itself is an integral part of her art practice, hands-on opportunity for visitors to pour slip-casts, demo on finishing ceramics for firing – i.e. detail work, glaze options, conversation surrounding these decisions as part of the work, demo/conversation about dealing with these objects when they are finished (in the exhibition itself) and hands-on opportunity for visitors to work/play with slip-casted objects.

Cherry and Martin is pleased to present work by Katy Cowan and Ross Iannatti in a two-person exhibition at the 2732 space. The works on view reveal the artists’ shared approach to object-making. They complement rather than conceal the original intent of each material—woven industrial nylon, poplar, wax, ceramic, bronze, cotton—while they are simultaneously rooted in abstraction.

Katy Cowan, "Pallet 2 with Infinity Cord Currently Resting", 2014
LA based artist Katy Cowan is as equally interested in abstraction as she is in the ideas of labor and craft. She employs common building materials like concrete, plaster, marble and wood as well as craft materials and techniques such as textiles and ceramics. Often in Cowan’s work, ceramic and wax casts of objects like two-by-fours and hammers intersect with polished sections of marble or roughly poured concrete.

Ross Iannatti's recent body of work Hysterisis uses discarded materials collected from automobile impound lots, specifically the industrial nylon found in the interior of car steering wheels and passenger seats that is often covered in oil, dirt and other imprints from the material’s previous life. Iannatti dissects sections of the nylon, cutting squares and rectangles to create geometric patterns that he then sews together, not dissimilar from the process of quilting and patchwork. Informed by the grid, a concept in art making that has evolved over the past century through the work of artists like Kasmir Malevich, Agnes Martin and Sean Scully, the squared patterns of softly colored blues, yellows, pinks and grays are formally compelling while at the same time mask the undercurrent of instability and bodily references of the material itself.

Samuel Freeman


1-2PM & 2-3PM

2639 S La Cienega Blvd
Gallery Hours: 11AM–6PM

1-2PM:Figure drawing session lead by special guest Salomon Huerta with John Altoon's "Life Drawings”

Inspired by the current exhibition Life Drawings by the late John Altoon, Samuel Freeman is excited to host a figure drawing session with special guest Salomon Huerta for the Culver City Art Walk. Encounter a live model and practice observation through loose and expressive sketches surrounded by Altoon's own demonstrative gestures. Come to observe or participate! Please RSVP to

Salomón Huerta (Tijuana, Mexico, 1965) lives and works in Los Angeles. His work has been included in the Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, and exhibitions at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.; and Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA. Huerta's paintings are in the collections of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA and Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA, among others.

2–3PM: Join artists Phil Bower and Erin Morrison for a walkthrough of their concurrent exhibitions: "Nudes and Vessels".


John Altoon
"Life Drawings"

Samuel Freeman is extremely fortunate to present a suite of seventeen life drawings by John Altoon from the mid-1960’s. During his lifetime, Altoon primarily drew with ink or graphite, rapidly and with an ease and confidence that astounded his contemporaries. In 1964 Walter Hopps became the director of the Pasadena Art Museum, and hired John Altoon to teach life drawing classes in the education program led by Gwenda Davies. The seventeen drawings gathered for this exhibition were collected by Ms. Davies from those classes, some signed, some drawn on both sides of the paper. They were drawn quickly, but with an unhurried line, revealing Altoon’s ability to capture the weight and poise of a model. They are stripped bare, without ornamentation or outside reference. These drawings come before conscious narrative or social commentary, revealing an intimate look at John Altoon’s most fundamental skill: figure drawing.

John Altoon was a central figure in the Ferus Gallery, a larger-than-life linchpin of the burgeoning Los Angeles art world, a figure who exemplified what an artist should be. Peter Plagens said that Altoon “could make Gorky look clumsy” and Monte Factor described him as “a marvelous human being who occasionally scared the shit out of everybody.” John Altoon holds a special place in the collections around Southern California, representing a lost genius with a deeply personal impact on the artists of this coast. In June 2014 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will mount a retrospective of his work, curated by Carol Eliel. John Altoon died in 1969 of heart failure.

Phil Bower

Los Angeles based artist Phil Bower’s first solo show with Samuel Freeman presents the continuation of a series of paintings based strictly on candid photographs of nudists. His paintings depict real people in real landscapes, not staged presentations. In truth these nudists are captured in a rare moment for a human being… engaged in a utopian lifestyle, au naturel in a Garden of Eden, without any judgement or hang-ups. They are unaware of the opportunists lurking behind bushes and on cliff tops, or lazing beside them with cameras secreted away under a towel or blanket. It is through this voyeurism and perversion that Bower receives his source material, but by painting his subjects without irony, in full embrace of the contexts and glories of nude figures in art history, the artist subverts the exploitation of the nudists and returns the subject matter to a higher plane… hopefully equal in spirit to the figures depicted.

Images are culled from websites that broadcast voyeur videos from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA of nudists caught lounging and frolicking on expansive beaches, or sneaking into nearby forests for intimate encounters. The artist produces a digital photograph from a screen grab of a purchased video to serve as a “model” for the paintings. The source videos are often poor in quality, shot in a guerrilla style from vantages behind foliage or from odd angles. This is to Bower’s advantage as he makes use of the nebulous, low-resolution blurs and pixilation; translating the information into highly realized works of art that carve out territory in contemporary painting by uniquely blending photorealistic techniques with an intuitive and exploratory palette that is rife with startling glazes and metallic colors.

Erin Morrison

Erin Morrison’s ceramic vessels began as an attempt to follow the footsteps of Gauguin, who formed a number of ceramic containers which seem to hover on the border of utilitarian and decorative. Constructed in parallel with her paintings, using many of the same shapes, an absurd collection was born, and from this absurdity further new work emerges.

At some visceral level, ceramic vessels are objects of antiquity, they protect and contain. In Morrison’s studio, the recent UCLA graduate continues the tradition of questioning utility, probing for the limits of definition when a vessel cannot contain, or when ornamental value exceeds utilitarian capacity, looking for identity and inspiration which are then fed back into her other media.

Maloney Fine Art



2680 South La Cienega Blvd
Gallery Hours: 11AM–6PM

2-4PM: Meet artist and writer John Tottenham who will discuss his work.


John Tottenham
The Indifferent Sublime

John Tottenham paints and draws. An old-fashioned pencil-and-paper, paint-and-brushes man – an educated outsider and academic primitive – he has produced hundreds of pen and ink drawings of desolate vernacular scenes, overlaid with darkly humorous text. These will be on dislay, alongside a piece that revisits his adolescent obsession with the female members of a notorious California cult. John Tottenham lives and works in Los Angeles.

Luis De Jesus


2-5PM & 3-5PM

2685 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Gallery Hours: 10AM–6PM

2-5PM: Join artist Kate Bonner in a group collage project that will use her source material to recreate Possible Event.
3-5PM: Meet artist Michael Kindred Knight who will be in the gallery to discuss his new paintings in Rayleigh.


Kate Bonner
"Possible Event"

Michael Kindred Knight
Artists Kate Bonner and Michael Kindred Knight both explore fragmentation as a means of heightening conceptual experience. Kate Bonner’s work features cut apart snapshots and scans spliced together, re-photographed, and mounted on a surface that is then further manipulated, cut apart, or folded. Michael Kindred Knight’s work uses layers of paint, hard and soft edged lines, panels, and planks of varying weight and density, to subtly convey an atmosphere. Both artists reference the idea of collage through synthesizing shapes and images, while challenging it in their use of distinct styles that both disturb and intrigue.

Blum and Poe


2727 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Gallery Hours: 10AM–6PM

Anya Gallaccio
Matt Johnson

Anya Gallaccio, "Sun shines in the rusty morning", 2014. Red clay, wood. Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles. Anya Gallaccio, "Installation Veiw". Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles.
Anya Gallaccio
May 31–July 5, 2012

Blum and Poe is pleased to present Anya Gallaccio’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. Exploring the malleability, density, and spatial possibilities of natural substances such as stone, clay, and obsidian, the exhibition posits a trajectory of formal, literal, and entropic attributes of matter into transient illusionistic realms. A British transplant living in California, Gallaccio works to excavate a material understanding of western America, extending processes of minimg, core sampling, and specimen collecting into additive mark making to create sculpture conversant with American Minmalist artists Carl Andrew, Sol LeWitt, and Robert Smithson.

Matt Johnson, "Installation view", 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles.
Matt Johnson
May 31-July 5, 2014

Blum and Poe is very pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Matt Johnson, marking the artist’s third solo show with the gallery. This exhibition brings together Johnson’s most recent work questioning the meaning and potential of familiar objects rendered via classical modes. Johnson’s instinctive humor and ongoing investigation of antiquity, science, and religious thought are played out in materials both modern and timeless, high and low.

Honor Fraser


2622 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Gallery Hours: 10AM–6PM

"Openness and Clarity: Color Field Works from the 1960s and 1970s", Curated by Hayden Dunbar. Installation view at Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Courtesy Honor Fraser Gallery, Photo Eden Phair.

Openness and Clarity: Color Field Works from the 1960s and 1970s
Curated by Hayden Dunbar
June 07–August 2, 2014

Openness and Clarity: Color Field Works from the 1960s and 1970s includes works by Josef Albers, Anthony Caro, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hofmann, Morris Louis, Robert Motherwell, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, and Frank Stella. The title of the exhibition references Clement Greenberg’s seminal 1964 exhibition, Post Painterly Abstraction, which was organized for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and championed a new group of artists who rejected painterliness in favor of an "openness and clarity" in form and color.

Arcana: Books on the Arts

Hours: 11AM-7PM

Located in Culver City’s historic Helms Bakery district, Arcana: Books on the Arts is one of the world's premier visual arts bookstores. Specializing in books on modern and contemporary art, photography, design, architecture, cinema, music, and fashion, Arcana has long been a favorite shopping haunt for insiders in the worlds of film, fashion, art, photography, and commercial production. Its vast selection of rare, out-of-print and new books + catalogues from around the world is unparalleled.


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ForYourArt is a public practice based in Los Angeles that serves as a platform to produce and distribute artists’ work. ForYourArt seeks to advance a spirit of patronage and a culture of dialogue by perceiving all media, sites, and relationships as potential for artistic transformation. Each week, ForYourArt shares the best opportunities to see and support art in Los Angeles and online.

Founded in 2005, LA><ART is the leading independent nonprofit contemporary art space in Los Angeles, committed to the production of experimental exhibitions and public art initiatives.

LA><ART will launch its Vision Campaign including The Occasional – a city wide exhibition and public art initiative. This Platform for Los Angeles continues the organization’s ongoing commitment to supporting artists and curatorial freedom while focusing on commissioning new work in experimental contexts.

LA><ART's programs are produced with generous support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; The National Endowment for the Arts; The Los Angeles County Arts Commission; The Artis Grant Program; Nathan Cummings Foundation, with the support and encouragement of Roberta Friedman Cummings, Dashiell Driscoll and Clea Shearer; The Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation; California Community Foundation; City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs; Pasadena Art Alliance; Robert Rauschenberg Foundation; Foundation for Contemporary Arts; and The Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation.

Wyatt Kahn and Jennifer Guidi’s programs were made possible with the generous support of Candy Barasch; The Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation; Iris Z. Marden; Fatima Maleki; Lisa Schiff; Nancy Portnoy; and Anonymous Donors.

Located in Culver City’s historic Helms Bakery district, Arcana: Books on the Arts is one of the world's premier visual arts bookstores. Specializing in books on modern and contemporary art, photography, design, architecture, cinema, music, and fashion, Arcana has long been a favorite shopping haunt for insiders in the worlds of film, fashion, art, photography, and commercial production. Its vast selection of rare, out-of-print and new books + catalogues from around the world is unparalleled.